Security, YOUR Way.

At Polaris Alpha's Cyber & SIGINT Division, we take a different approach to Cyber Security. As a fully independent company focused primarily on cybersecurity, we dedicate ourselves to meeting YOUR needs and delivering effective, pragmatic solutions that add value and depth to your security posture. We:

  • Utilize over 15 years of Cyber Security Excellence within the DoD and IC communities
  • Apply the 20 Critical Security Controls NIST Cybersecurity Framework Categories
  • Employ the 21 critical focus areas of the Cyber Incident Response Assistance program
  • Leverage a multitude of industry recognized tips, technologies and tools

CyberVigilance™ offers flexible service offerings that enable YOU to research, remediate and respond to the current and targeted future state of YOUR organization's security footprint.

Providing ongoing access to the expertise you need, CyberVigilance™ is designed to:

  • RESEARCH - Gain insight into the degree of risk posed by YOUR current security posture.

  • REMEDIATE - Implement a strategic plan to improve YOUR security posture for tomorrow.

  • RESPOND - Anticipate emerging threats via managed services tailored to YOUR specific needs.

CyberVigilance™ is a suite of service tiers designed to best meet your business requirements

If you are unsure how to protect your network, file shares, or want to become CyberVigilance™ certified, contact us today!

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